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Ruthie's condition is known as A.R.D.S.: (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). There are a lot of onlince resources but we found a good one.

Ruth's Story: A Brief Summary
Ruth had been suffering from fatigue and lack of appetite for a couple of weeks. She went to her doctor and was picked up by EMTs directly from her doctor's office and admitted to the hospital for pneumonia on July 11th. Her case was so severe that it fell into the top two percent of acuteness and severity. The antibiotics worked well, but her lungs had filled with fluid making it impossible for her to breathe safely on her own.

She progressed to A.R.D.S. (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and has been treated accordingly. Ruth was in a medically-induced coma to accommodate the tracheostomy (breathing tube in the trachea).

Recovery Updates: Mama, You're Comin' Home!
21, NOVEMBER 2007

Ruth is home! Herb Sr. and Jr. brought her home approximately 1 pm Tuesday afternoon. Ruth was hungry and asked to get some lunch on the way home. She had a tuna sandwich and soup!

  • Ruth will be home for Thanksgiving. We are most thankful!
  • She is walking and gaining more strength.
  • She will be doing daily physical therapy from home with a therapist.
  • Ruth is at a paltry 116 lbs. but is eating well.
  • She is also playing the piano more & more.
  • There are pictures of Ruth coming home!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are most grateful for your prayers, thoughts, gifts and visits. God is gracious and merciful in answering our prayers!

In Christ,
Herb Collingridge, Cheryl, JoAnn, Herb IV and Mark

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